The Joy And Sadness Of Loving A Cat

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Sharing a home with a furry friend is heartwarming. They are all good-looking creatures with some joyous moments, but they do also have some drawbacks that each cat owner must be well aware of. Cats bring many joys to our lives, and they capture our hearts with their charm. According to Science Daily, cats first came into contact with human beings about 9500 years ago. Currently, there are over 80 million cats in US homes, and despite their everyday presence, much about these pets is not known.

There are many reasons cats are loved mainly because of their unique affection and love towards their master. But though there is happiness in raising a feline in your home, expect a fair share of sadness too. This happens mostly after losing a cat.

The Joys of Loving Cats.



According to an Australian study, cat owners have better psychological health than those who don’t own pets. The questionnaire shows that cat owners are happier, less nervous, and have a better life. Besides, owning a cat will also help your kids to develop a bond with them, which will improve their quality of life. Kids who are more attached to cats are more energetic, fit, and happier.

Besides, cats have yoga-like sleeping postures and gravity-defying antics that will get you out of your bad moods and sometimes make you laugh. Another study shows that people who own cats have fewer negative emotions, unlike people who don’t own one.

 Stress Reduction

Having your cat on your lap and thighs will give you a good feeling that’ll be handy in relieving stress. Owning cats is one of the best ideas for reducing stress, and this has also been attributed to married couples who feel happier with cats. This is because they offer companionship and play little games with us that’ll make us forget about our challenges for a while. Besides, unlike humans, cats cannot judge you easily when you’re stressed, and therefore, they have a more calming influence than typical people. Also, they have no burdens of this world, and their joy is superfluous. At least, you will get a moment to know that outside your stress, everything else is calm.


Cats are animals who at least appreciate what you do for them and give the same in return. If you care for your cat, then it’ll do the same to you, and this bonding will help you improve your human-to-human relationships too. Particular research found out people with cats trust more, are socially sensitive, and prefer talking to people unlike those with no pets. While the connection between a cat and a human to real-life relationships is perplexing, having a cat will improve your social network.

They make your heart melt

Have you ever owned a little kitten? Well, have you seen their smile? They make your day brighter and more enjoyable. Even if you prefer dogs, you can’t deny that cats are awesome animals with large eyes, beautiful fur, and amazing personalities. You’ll appreciate them, and every time they warm up to you, you’ll feel nothing but love for these pets. Besides, their playful charm and funny antics make them lovable by everyone.

Cats are low maintenance

Cat owners spend less time taking care of their pets. They do not have to go outside to go to the bathroom or go for walks. Cats are independent pets who prefer taking care of themselves. Provided you clean their litter box regularly and give them fresh food and water daily, they’ll give you peace. Cats also love routines and prefer staying at home rather than visiting the town with you.

Space is not an issue

Unlike most dog breeds that need large spaces for playing and moving about, cats only require a little space. Most cats can comfortably live in small spaces, and they love staying indoors near the window and observe the outside world.

Drawbacks Of Owning A Cat

A majority of first-time cat owners don’t know that these pets may have some consequences on their families. These include the following.

They May Shed A Lot

Cats shed a lot of hair, and when bringing them into your home, you should be prepared to clean large quantities of hair. From the clothes to the carpet and countertops, cat hair can get anywhere in your home. Therefore, when you get a cat, be prepared to increase your intensity of cleaning. Keep in mind some cats can shed a lot more than other cats, and during the summertime, they tend to shed more than the winter months. There are a few breeds of cats that don’t shed.

Litter Boxes Smell And Require Cleaning

Their litter boxes can smell and require cleaning. You should be ready to clean and live with the smell emitted from their litter box. The best way to reduce this smell is to give your cat healthy and nutritious cat food and clean the litter box daily.

They May Claw Your Furniture

A cat can destroy the furniture in your home to shreds. From scratching posts to chairs and even tables, a cat can damage your property, and if you’re not keen, they will continue with this vandalism. It is vital to provide your cat with scratch boxes or posts and toys.

They Are Natural-Born Killers.

Meaning that they can kill mice and lizards, then bring them into the house. Also, once they are done eating their catch, they will leave the leftovers there. This may lead to having unpleasant odors around if you do not see it right away.

They Can Get Fleas

Cats can easily catch fleas, and getting rid of them can occasionally be challenging. Be ready to battle out fleas if you have an outdoor cat. Many cat owners will give their cats a monthly flea prevention treatment. These common treatments can be purchased at any pet store.

Expensive Vet Bills

If you own a cat, then you have to take it in for regular checkups and vaccinations, which might cost you a small fortune.

Loss Of A Cat

In the event of the death of a cat, you will feel very sad. Sorrow and sadness will engulf you, and though it might be part of life, the loss of a cat will bring great sadness to your life.

Sharing your home with your cat comes with its share of pros and cons. Though cats are playful and a great company, they can damage your furniture by scratching or even lead to foul smells in your home from their waste if you don’t clean up after them regularly. Now, based on our ups and downs of cat ownership, you’ll be able to decide on whether to get a feline or not.

If you decide that you still want a cat, the best place to start looking for one is at your local SPCA, Humane Society, pound, or animal shelter. There are thousands of wonderful cats around the world looking for a new loving forever home.

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