The Health Benefits Of Owning A Dog

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A statistical analysis done on a number of homes shows that there are several benefits of owning a dog. Having a dog as a pet has been linked to a longer and healthier life. These Canine companions are not only said to be good for human health but also tend to offer unparalleled companionship to their owners more so than those who live alone.  Whether you are a dog owner, dog foster parent, or dog volunteer, just hanging out with your four-legged friends can definitely do wonders for your well-being.

Let’s look at some health benefits of dog ownership.

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Dogs add meaning and purpose to life.

Owning a dog means that you have a faithful and loyal companion. As you grow older, you will eventually get to retire, and it is often challenging for many people to structure their new daily schedule after retirement. Having a dog can help you structure your day and also add meaning and purpose to your life.

Pet dogs are a health benefit of owning a dog because they help prevent isolation and loneliness, a critical factor in staving off cognitive decline and disease.  Owning a dog means that you have the daily responsibility of feeding them and taking them out for exercise. Their need for your attention helps take your mind off stressing things, hence a healthier life.

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Dogs can reduce a child’s allergies

Some people have a common belief that dogs are messy animals, hard to live with and that they contribute to a child’s allergies. Well, the reverse is true; living with a dog as a pet comes in handy with several health benefits, especially to your kids.

A study on the benefits of having a dog as a pet shows that kids who come into contact with dog fur and dander have fewer risks of developing allergies and asthma. This has been linked to the ‘hygiene Hypothesis,’ a concept stating that the bacteria carried by pets helps fire up your child’s immune system, which makes them capable of resisting the allergens they meet later in life.

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Dogs help with disease and injury

These furry animals play a more significant role in health benefits provided to their owners than was once thought. Through extensive training and exercise, their natural talents ranging from an incredible sense of smell to a caring and protective nature can be harnessed to benefit their owner’s health-wise. They can be trained to help out in the following ways:

  • Autism Assistance Dogs: These dogs are trained to support those with autism, allowing them to live a more independent life.
  • Alzheimer dogs: These dogs help draw people with dementia out of their inner world in ways that humans cannot.
  • Seizure response & alert dogs: These dogs do not only train to respond to a seizure but they have also been known to sense and predict the oncoming seizure. This has allowed them to protect their owner from potential injuries.
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Dogs offer protection

Another benefit of owning a dog is that you get all their loyalty, making them even go to greater lengths of warning their owners against any impending dangers. They are very territorial animals with sharp instincts that trigger a reaction in them whenever a person breaks into their owner’s house.

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Dogs help children with ADHD and ADD

Owning a dog comes with additional health benefits, like helping children with hyperactivity disorders. Kids who play with dogs in secluded pet play areas have reduced feelings of restlessness that are often associated with these disorders. This is another benefit of having a dog for your child because it will help teach them how to retain an unchanging routine, give them a sense of responsibility, and give them excellent care.

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Dogs are good for your heart

Health statistics on the benefits of dog ownership also show that an interaction between humans and dogs involving touching or talking helps lower blood pressure.  Owning a dog means you must often take them for a walk, which in turn helps reduce the chances of developing any heart disease due to reduced triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

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Improve your social life.

Going for a walk with your dog gives you the perfect opening to also talk to others who also own dogs. Owning a dog does not just provide you with exercise, but it can also facilitate friendships and social networks by meeting other dog owners on walks and at dog parks. This is, therefore, another mental health benefit of owning a dog, for it helps establish sparking new relationships and keep the social networks thriving throughout the year.

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Dogs motivate you to exercise.

Other pets are known to have positive effects on your health, but dogs have an added health benefit that needs you to take them for a walk and play with them. This is one crucial physical health benefit to dog owners for they get the chance to exercise daily, which in turn helps lower risks of getting any cardiovascular diseases, reduces stress, and keeps them fit.

Older adult dog owners who take their dogs for a walk tend to pay fewer visits to doctors due to low body mass and reduced day-to-day limitations.

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Dogs can make you more mindful.

The mental and health benefits of mindfulness are well known to almost everybody. Staying focused on the present moment in life is something that a vast number of people find hard to do. Owning a dog can help you with all this since they offer an opportunity for mindfulness and the practice of walking meditation. As you take your dog for a walk, all that you focus on is you and your dog, the sights, smells, and sounds around you. As you walk with your dog, it will bring you into a mindfulness state. This, therefore, is a mental health benefit of owning a dog.

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Provide a companion for the elderly.

Dogs can help reduce depression and anxiety among the elderly, making this another important aspect of owning a dog. They have the ability to forge connections with the elderly, especially those who suffer from disorders like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Statistics on the benefits of owning a dog as a pet shows that dog owners who have Alzheimer’s will have few emotional surges, unlike those not owning a dog.

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They can improve your mood.

This is also another benefit of pet ownership because pet dogs can significantly improve your mood and lower tension. Playing around the house with your dog boosts serotonin and dopamine body levels. They are well known for being the ‘feeling good’ neurotransmitters that play a significant role in elevating feelings of well-being and emotional stability.

Since you now know several reasons why you should own a dog, perhaps now is the time to start looking for adopting one. The first place you should begin viewing dogs is at your local, SPCA, Humane Society, or Animal Shelter. There are thousands of wonderful loving dogs around the world that are looking for new, loving, forever homes.


  1. One of my favorite people in the world lives for her dog. He gives her purpose and makes her happy.

  2. I’ve been wanting to have a dog but I think it’s still not the right time for it. Lots of benefits from them and our hearts will learn to love more.

    1. Yes, they do take a lot of time and responsibility so we have to be ready for that.

  3. It is incredible how life changing have a dog can be and how good for you health and wellbeing I love this post and the details it goes into.

  4. I will never forget when we had gotten our last boxer. He was rescued about 5 years old. I had just gotten a phone call from my mom telling me that he was really ill. I started sobbing because I knew my dad wouldn’t be with us much longer and Ernest, our dog, came over and put his head in my lap. He knew I was sad and wanted to help. I miss having a dog to pet and love.

  5. I love dogs because they are kind and adorable. I know they help you relax but I didn’t know that they also bring a lot of important health benefits.

    1. Yes, they do a lot for us and we don’t know it. Helping us relax is a big health benefit.

  6. I love that there are so many great benefits to having pets. I don’t have a dog, but I do have cats, chickens, ducks and even frogs. They definitely have their benefits. I do want to get a dog someday though.

  7. I agree to all these. My friends really loved having their dog, they said it’s really different having one around.

    1. There are several breeds that don’t shed. I’m currently working on two articles about it. One about small dogs that don’t shed the other about large dog breeds that don’t shed. Unfortunately, they all poop. Nothing we can do about that. 🙂

  8. We just have cats! They can be pretty beneficial as well, especially if you don’t want to spend a ton of energy on a pet. My cats basically sleep, sit on me when they want attention, and then leave which works for me.

    1. There are also benefits to having cats and your right, they are easier to take care of.

  9. You didn’t actually need to convince me. I’m a dog lover for life BUT, I did not realize the allergy angle. Ugh…so good to know. No wonder I don’t have allergies. Can’t wait to share that tidbit at my next Mommy’s group. Thanks for your post.

  10. We’ve a dog at our school. It helps children with ASD and others difficulties. There are many benefits than animals can add to our lives.

  11. They truly are man’s best friend for so many reasons you pointed out here! It is always so interesting to see the different “jobs” dogs have, especially with helping us with our health. Great and informative post!

  12. Companion animals are amazing dogs are especially great due to their loyalty but don’t count out the feline variety either. They can also be amazing for people with smaller spaces or no yards. I am just a pure animal lover in general, great post!

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