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Cornwall England

My first time in the Cornwall countryside in England was to be a house sitter and dog sitter. The home was a lovely converted barn in the countryside near the town of Plymouth in the boarding county of Devon. I was there pet sitting for three weeks to take care of two Portuguese water dogs. This was not my first time dog sitting in England. My first house sitting assignment was in Bath, England.



Dog Sitting in Cornwall

Portuguese water dogs

They were wonderful dogs and had a lot of energy. Every day I would walk with them through pathways in some fields near the home for around an hour. They would run like crazy through the forest and stream non-stop the entire time.

I had to be very careful with them in the yard, even when I was outside with them. They were great escape artists and always found a way out. The homeowners had put up a fence as best as possible with uneven landscape and forested areas surrounding some of the property. However, these two somehow always found a place, or created a space, for them to escape.

I also had to make sure they were in the house at a specific time of the day when the mailman came. For an unknown reason, the dogs were not fans of men nor bright jackets. This was a double negative for the dogs because the mailman always wore a bright jacket. The dogs would run through the house barking like crazy at the door and window when the mail was delivered.

I had the use of the homeowner’s car while I was there. However, I used it as little as possible. I had never driven on the left side of the road before and I was a little nervous. Not only was it because of the left-side driving, but also because it was not my car. The roads in this area were also so narrow that only one car would fit. If another car came one would have to back up to an outlet so the other could pass.



The Cornwall Countryside

Cornwall England

The scenic and historic countryside of Cornwall is beautiful. With several county parks, Cornwall features many trails for biking and walking. Each one offers something for everyone, providing many hours of enjoyment. Here you can walk along the Bedruthan Steps. A series of striking sea stacks along Bedruthan Beach. Go see the Cheesewring by walking along the edge of Bodmin Moor. Follow the trail that leads from the Bronze Age stone circles known as The Hurlers to the base of the tor. While in Bodmin Moor, also go to the Golitha Falls.

When I left my house sitting assignment, I took the local scenic train to Plymouth to fly to my next destination. The train was one hour instead of a twenty-five-minute drive, but it was nice to see a lot more of the countryside and a few small towns and villages.



The Town of Plymouth

Cornwall England

Plymouth is 310 km (190 miles) west-south-west of London. If you are coming from London check out my posting about Must-See Attractions in London here. Plymouth’s early history extends to the Bronze Age and continued as a trading post for the Roman Empire. Its population is about 263,100, making it the second-largest city in the southwest after Bristol. The port city is known for its maritime heritage and historic Barbican district with narrow, cobbled streets.





My Experience Dog Sitting

I have completed 25+ house and pet sits and will be writing more about all of them. House sitting and pet sitting has brought me to England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Switzerland, the USA, Sweden, and Spain. You can read more about me here. House sitting has not only brought me to many great countries, cities, and countryside villages, I have also met some amazing people along the way.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter and pet sitter, check out my resources pages to see what services and companies I use. You can also see my books and courses.

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