Short Term House Sitting Confirmation

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You have applied to be a house sitter and/or pet sitter. The interview went well, and the homeowners have offered you the house sit. The next thing you want to do is send them a house-sitting agreement.

This email template is a guideline to use to send the homeowner an email the day after the interview or Skype call. It is best used for short house sits but can be modified for long-term ones. Alternately you can use the Long-Term House Sitting Agreement (coming soon) after this email has been agreed to.


Dear ________________ ,(Homeowner(s) Names(s))

It was a pleasure speaking with you and meeting/talking about ___________________ (name of dogs, cats, animals, etc.) on Skype /the phone yesterday.

I/We are really excited about meeting you in person, taking care of your home and__________________, ________________, & _____________________ while you are enjoying your vacation in  _____________________________.

I/We would like to take this time to confirm the details of our discussion, so we understand all the

requirements and ensure there are no misunderstandings.

You would like me/us to arrive on ____________________ (date) around ______________________ (time). You are leaving on _____________________ (date) at _________________ (time) and will be returning on  _________________ (date) at approximately ____________________ (time). I/We will be leaving on  ___________________ (date) at approximately ____________________ (time).

I/We are currently looking at flights and will send you copies of the itineraries when I/we have things booked.

(If arriving the day before the owners leave and you are not staying at their home)

I will be staying at the ___________ (hotel) and will arrive at your home by ________________ (time) on _________________ (date)

(If staying at the owner’s house)

I will be staying in _________________________ (area/room) and will have access to the entire house including laundry facilities, except for private bedrooms.

I/We understand that your regular gardener and house keeper will be arriving on their regularly scheduled days and times, which are _______________________________________________________________.

I/We understand there will be no construction or renovations in the home or on the property while you are away.

I/We will be the only people living/staying in the home. There will be no other occupants.

I/We also understand that I/we will have access to your vehicle as amenities are not within walking distance of your home.

We agree that the pets and property can be left alone for __________ hours during the day. This allows me/us to do our required shopping, take a day trip to see the area, and visit attractions.

I/We are required to be home every day to feed __________________, ____________________, & _____________________ at their regular feeding times, which are _____________ & ______________.

I/We will be at your home every night to safeguard your property.

I/We do/do not charge for house-sitting and as the exchange for taking care of your pets/animals. I/we do not pay for household expenses (utilities, wifi, ect.), nor do I/we pay for any costs for taking care of the pets/animals (food, medical expenses, etc).

I/We wanted to clarify these responsibilities to confirm everyone agrees. I/We do pay for our own food and fuel for the vehicle.

I/We also want to clarify what we do for you:

  • Take care of your pets: giving food and water, going on walks and playing with, administering medications, grooming, give love and attention.
  • Provide updates and photos.
  • Keep the home and pets safe and secure.
  • Keep the house clean.
  • Dispose of garbage and recycling regularly.
  • Water all plants and light gardening when required.
  • Collect all mail, newspapers, and any other deliveries.
  • Deal with any emergencies (getting the vet for your pet, electrician, plumber, etc.)


Please confirm via email that all the points in this email are agreed upon and acceptable. Upon agreement I/we consider this house sit as booked. I/we will forward my/our travel itinerary as soon as it is booked.

Thank you for selecting me/us as your house sitter. Again I/we am/are looking forward to taking care of everything for you so you can enjoy your vacation.




As I stated this is only a guideline and you will need to make modifications to the specifics of the details that were agreed to in the interview/meeting. It is always a good idea to use a written agreement to avoid any misunderstandings between you and the homeowners.


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