Why would someone use a pet sitter instead of a kennel?

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A lot of people ask me why someone would get a house sitter or pet sitter when they can just bring their animals to a kennel and they’ll be taking care of them there.

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Why people don’t like to or want to use kennels.

1) A lot of animals don’t like kennels. They get brought there and …. Well, some kennels aren’t great kennels so the animal just sits in a cage all day. They have a small space that they are stuck in. They might get let out twice to run around a little, maybe play with some other dogs, then back to their own cage. There’s not a lot of interaction so some pets get very depressed when they go to kennels and they just generally don’t like it. It is nothing like having their pets at home and the owners prefer a cat sitter or dog sitter.

2) Some people don’t like to use kennels is because they do like to have somebody in their home. A lot of people are unaware that depending upon what your homeowner’s insurance policy states if something happens while you are away, your entire policy could be void if something happens.


Depending on who the company provider is, and each specific policy can be different. If you don’t have somebody in your home for more than 48 hours (it could be 2 days or 3 days) and if something happens their insurance policy can be void. So, if you have been gone for a week on holidays in the winter, as many people like to escape winter, and a pipe breaks in your house. Water has been going everywhere and your house is flooding for 3 days before anybody notices.  There is a chance that your insurance policy or the insurance provider could say sorry there was nobody in the house for 3 days the damage is much worse now and we’re not covering it because your policy states that somebody has to be in the house every ‘X-number of days. If someone was checking to make sure everything is OK, the damage would not have been as bad.


Not only are house sitters keeping insurance policy’s valid in case something does happen, but there’s also a person in the home that can take care of minor fixes and repairs, water plants if the person is gone longer, pet sitters keep the animals in their normal routine. They are in their normal comfortable environment, they are kept to being up at whatever time, getting fed at specific times, going for walks at particular times for however long they are used to. Pet sitters keep all the consistency and regularity of the homeowners. This keeps the routine of the animals and it keeps the pets a lot happier.

Some people prefer having a house sitter or pet sitter over using a kennel to keep their house secure, keep their home insurance valid, and to keep their pets happier.


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