Pet Sitter Responsibilities

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Pet Sitter Responsibilities

Are you thinking about becoming a house and pet sitter? Some people think they are getting a free vacation, but you are not. There are many responsibilities for a house and pet sitter and you are not on vacation. Depending on the agreement, you may have very little free time. I have had some homeowners wanting a couple or friends to sit because they want someone in the house 24-7. Others have said the pets can not be left for longer than three hours at a time.

Paying guests at hotels and B&B’s can come and go as they please. They leave the accommodation unattended all day and/or night so they can go sightseeing and completely enjoy the destination with no responsibilities. Holidaymakers don’t have to answer the house phone (and sometimes be tactful in their responses), fix minor repairs, check and forward the mail, pick up packages or be around for deliveries. They don’t have to keep anything clean or feed and take care of any animals including walking dogs, nor brush a dog’s teeth.

Food and Medication to give Four Cats.

A house sitter must be up early to feed and walk pets, no matter what the weather is like. People on holidays don’t have to be in a home to give medications to pets or back at specific times to again, feed and walk the animals. Housesitters must set the house alarm, be completely responsible for the property, maintain the yard/garden, clean the entire home to a spotless condition, and perform any other agreed pet care and home care obligations. Home sitting and pet sitting jobs are jobs. They require trusted house sitters to take care of and love the pets and the home.

Taking a dog for a walk three times a day.

Responsibilities for house and pet sitters include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Walk dogs
  • Brush pets teeth
  • Feed pets
  • Give any medications
  • Play with pets
  • Take pets to any appointments (groomer, vet, etc.)
  • Clean up after pets (pick up poop and clean litter boxes, etc.)
  • Keep pets on regular schedule
  • Answer phone calls
  • Be home to accept deliveries
  • Check mail
  • Water plants
  • Cut grass or shovel snow from sidewalks and driveways
  • Keep the home clean at all times
  • Clean home top – to bottom for return of homeowner
  • Wash all laundry and make all beds when leaving, take out all trash, etc.

What are your time and your responsibilities worth to you?


  1. totally agree. It’s not easy to find a good pet sitter. From my experience, brushing gives most trouble to them, it’s easy to check how good the sitter goes the job judging from the fur condition

  2. I never thought to have the pet sitter do other little things that matter, like check the mail. What a great list and helpful post. We always get a pet sitter when we leave.

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