Jet Setter House Sitter and Pet Sitter – An Introduction

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Hi everybody, my name is Sally Pederson. I’m known as The Jet Setter Pet Sitter. I got the name from a friend of mine. One night when I was talking about all my house-sitting assignments that I have coming up called me “a real jet setter”, so together we came up with that name.

Dog Sitting in Scotland
Dog Sitting in Scotland


To date, I have completed about 17 house sits and pet sits. That was in about a 2-year span and then I took a year off because I was a little bit tired from doing it. Now I have 5 more scheduled this year. Most of my pet sitting has been in the UK and Europe. I have had several cat sits and a couple of dog sits in and around London. Right now, I’m in Switzerland, and coming up I have a dog sit and cat sit in Sweden and I have one in the Canary Islands this summer for 3 weeks which I’m very excited about.

Cat Sitting in Ireland
Cat Sitting in Ireland


I don’t say these things and talk about all my trips to be bragging I just mentioned them to you so then you know what is possible and that you can do this too in various parts of the world.

Dog Sitting in Spain
Dog Sitting in Spain


People house sit for various reasons. Some just want to be able to go on that one vacation a year or have an extended vacation because then they don’t have to pay for all their accommodations. Staying in hotels is very expensive. Some people want to travel more often.

Pet Sitting in Switzerland
Pet Sitting in Switzerland


Perhaps you are retired and want to spend more of your time traveling. Maybe you don’t like winter and want to escape the cold climate. Do you have a family? Some people will travel with their families and others have some people come into their home and do more of a house exchange. House sitting and pet sitting is a great opportunity to see another country, a new location, and new cultures. There are various reasons why people enjoy house sitting and pet sitting.

Dog sitting in Barnet (London), England
Dog sitting London, England


One thing you do have to keep in mind is that cat sitting, dog sitting, or any other type of animal sitting is not a free vacation. You have responsibilities. You must take care of the pets; walk them, feed them, play with them, groom them, give them love and attention, and take them to the vet if there’s any type of problems.

Pet Care in England
Pet Care in Bath, England


Please follow me and subscribe to my channel. Hopefully, I can help you get to either the dream vacation destination that you want to go to or just help you travel more and see more of the wonderful world.

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