Is Pet Sitting Right For You?

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Pet Sitting in Watford, England

People often think that house sitting is a great and inexpensive way to see the world, and generally, it is. But it is not like being on vacation….. you can not come and go as you please, you must be in at night, and you have several responsibilities. You must maintain the schedule of the pets, NOT your schedule. If they are used to being up at 5:30 am, they will be up at 5:30 am. Breakfast is usually at 6:30 am and a half-hour walk at 6:45, then you must be up to continue the routine they have. If they get fed two or three times a day, then again you need to be in the home to continue this. So before you think your going to travel the world like your on vacation let me tell you, your not. Not if you want to be a good house sitter and continue to get house sits.


Before applying for or getting into any pet care agreements, you must make sure that the house sit fits your personality and your budget. If you are a very social person you shouldn’t accept a house if it for a month in the country where the nearest neighbor is 45-minutes away. If you are nervous around large dogs or have allergies to cats, you should not accept house-sitting jobs with these types of animals. Keep in mind that there are still expenses and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. House sits are not free vacations.

Cat sitting in Basel Switzerland

Financial Considerations:

How much are your travel expenses?
How much is your travel/health insurance?
Are there additional expenses for accommodations (the night before and after)?
Do you require a visa (what are the costs associated with one)?
Is there car rental or transportation expenses (how much)?
What is the cost of living (food, dining out, entertainment)?
Do you have to pay for any house expenses (heating, electric, wifi)?
Are you getting paid, which then means you are working and may need a visa/work permit?

Dog Sitting in Sweden


Do you speak the local language?
Are you using the owner’s car, car rental or public transportation?
If it is public transportation how close is it and how often does it come?
How close are amenities (shopping, groceries, restaurants/pubs, entertainment, etc.)?



Safety and Security:

Will you enjoy or tolerate the weather?
Do you have any physical issues with the responsibilities?
Are there any travel advisories for this destination?
Are there any health issues associated with the area?
Is this a high crime rate area?

Cat Sitting in Barcelona, Spain

Roles and Responsibilities:

What types of pets and how many are there?
Do the pets have any type of health issues or problems?
What are the ages of all the pets?
How much physical exercise do you have to do with them?
What times must they be fed (how many times a day)?

**Is there gardening, yard work, or other tasks that need to be done?
**Is there a specific number of hours required for these tasks?

Dog Sitting in Glasgow

Other Considerations:

Do the dates work with your schedule?
Do you want to go to this country/ city/ town?
Do you require a visa (time to get one, length of stay allowed)?

**remember ‘working’ in other countries may require a visa.

Now ask yourself………..
Are House and Pet Sitting something you want to do?

I have completed about 17 and will be writing more about all of them. House sitting and pet sitting has brought me to England, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain. You can read more about me here. House sitting has not only brought me to many great countries, cities, and countryside villages, I have also met some amazing people along the way.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter and pet sitter, check out my resources pages to see what services and companies I use. You can also see my books and courses.

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