How To Teach Your Dog To Roll Over in 6 Easy Steps.

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Roll over is one of the cute and fun tricks you can teach your pet dog. It might seem easy at first but may take more time than necessary without proper instruction. Here we will show you how to teach your dog to roll over in six easy steps. Patience is key, and don’t worry if your dog doesn’t get it the first time.

This trick has several stages. Before you begin, it’s better if your dog already knows how to sit and lie down on command. This will make all the other steps a lot easier to accomplish. Also, make sure you have lots of treats ready to reward your pet and help them memorize the steps faster. Lastly, provide ample space for your dog to move around. Ideally, you’d want to start training in the comfort of your home before taking them out to do the trick outside or in a public space.

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If you have the above nailed down, the following steps will be easy peasy. Without further ado, here are the steps on how to teach your dog to roll over.

1. First, position yourself in front of your dog. Start with commanding your dog to lie down. It depends on what cue you’ve used in the past, like the “down” command. If you’ve already taught your dog how to lie down on its side, then you can skip the next step.

2. The next step is to begin teaching them how to roll. Once they are lying down, take out a treat and hold it by their nose. Then move the treat from their nose to their shoulder. Make sure their head is following the treat. If they are, continue moving the treat around their shoulder until they are lying on their side.

3. This time, move the treat from their shoulder to their backbone – making sure they’re still following – until they’re lying on their back. Continue the movement until they have completed a full turn.

4. Once completed, praise your pet and give them a treat. Do this a few more times.

5. After several successful tries, you can advance to adding the verbal cue “roll over.” Starting the process again, hold the treat by their nose, but this time say “roll over” before you make them follow the treat from their nose to their shoulder to their back and up for a complete turn. Repeat the above process a few more times.

6. Finally, the last step involves teaching your dog to roll over without the guidance of the treat. Once your dog has completed the process repeatedly, with you giving the “roll over” command, it’s time to test if your dog has associated the command with the movement.

No treats this time. Tell your dog to “roll over.”

Now, some dogs may be able to catch on quickly, but others may take time. If they respond to the command on the first or second try, great, but if they don’t, you can remove the treat from the process more slowly. Start by giving the “roll over” command. Use the treat to lure your dog into rolling over, then hide it away once they’re in motion.

In each try, slowly decrease the use of the treat to lure your dog until they can do the trick without it. In no time, your dog will be rolling over with just your command.

Remember, one practice is not enough, trust in your dog, and they will surprise you with the results! We hope you enjoyed learning how to teach your dog to roll over with these easy steps.

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