How long is a house sit?

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How long is a house sit?


The short answer:

They vary dramatically.

The long answer:

The truth is, the length of the house sits varies completely. Just as the length of time people go on holiday varies completely.

House sits range from one night to over a year, so there really is something for everyone. Keep in mind that house and pet sitting is not the same as being on vacation. Lots of other travelers are very interested in house sitting and pet sitting (because it’s free accommodation) but they hate the thought of being tied down for too long to one place – that’s not traveling right?!


For me, I would accept a house sit that’s a minimum week; however, I’m now leaning more to ones that are at least 2 weeks long.

The longest house sit I’ve done so far is a month, but I have seen other ones that are for 6 months and sometimes even a year. You have to keep in mind if you are traveling to another country to pet sit there are laws about the amount of time you are allowed to stay within that country or countries. Make sure you check your visa requirements and time limits in other countries. You may need to Apply For A Visa to enter the country.


You need to find something that works for you and it really depends on what you’re looking for. Some homeowners are looking for somebody short-term just for the weekend, perhaps 3 or 4 days to dog sit. It really varies. If you want to see a lot of places and travel quite a bit in a short period of time you could arrange to have several short-term house sits in a row and hopefully have them back to back. This would be very difficult to arrange perfectly and you might have to just get a hotel or something in between for a couple of days.

If you are like me and want to stay somewhere for a longer period of time and really get to see the city and the area, then there’s no problem finding something that for a couple of weeks or maybe even a few months.

The longest dog sitting and cat sitting that I did was in and around London, England for a total of two months. I did that a couple of years ago and it was with four different house sits in that time frame. I was able to book to go from one house sit directly to another. This took a lot of time and planning and I was lucky to be able to make it work.

The longest single house that I had was also in London, but that was a year later. It was for four weeks right around Christmas time. I have had several cat sitting and dog sitter agreements that have been for three weeks including Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain.

So depending on what you’re looking for there is definitely lots of short-term house sitting and long-term house sitting opportunities. They are everywhere so you will have no problem finding exactly what you are looking for.

You can check out the youtube video if you prefer.


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