House Sitting – The Unexpected Early Return of The Homeowners

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Being a pet sitter, I am one of several trusted house sitters in the world. However, being a professional house sitter is more than in-home dog sitting and completely different than dog boarding and doggy daycare.

I had a home sitting job that turned out to be a very unexpected and unusual one. Things started out great. I arrived in Basingstoke the afternoon before the homeowners left. I was picked up at the train station and brought out to their beautiful property. The home was about 20 minutes from the station and 10 minutes from the village of Bramley. It was a large home and beautiful property. I was there as the dog sitter to one dog, Lizzie, who was great to hang out with.

An Early Return



A week into the home sitting assignment, I received a message from the homeowners stating that they had a death in the family and they were going to be coming home a week early. They asked me to stay at the house as it would still be helpful for them and hoped I would not be uncomfortable with them being there. They had things to take care of and they needed to be gone for a night later in the week. This was something I had never experienced, but as a professional pet sitter, I told them I was there to help in any way I could and had no problem staying.

They arrived back on a Sunday afternoon and apologized for intruding and coming back early. I felt strange that they would apologize. After all, it was their home, and no one plans on a death in the family while they are on vacation. That afternoon their son had come to the home and the four of us had Sunday Easter dinner together.

Throughout the week, I helped with Lizzie when needed. I also struck a fine balance of giving the family personal space and being social. I would have breakfast and dinner with the homeowners every day. The house was large enough that I could work in a sitting room and not bother anyone nor be in the way. I continued with my every other day runs and workouts, which got me off the property for a while. The last full day I was there they had company, so I spent a good portion of the late morning and early afternoon working in my room working on writing projects and packing things up to get ready to leave for my next in-home pet sitting job.

It was nice to get to know the family, they are great people. It would have been better under different circumstances. House sitting has many unknown factors that may occur. A death in the family is just one of them and I must be flexible and able to deal with whatever may happen.


Being a Professional


This experience was extremely different from my first-time dog sitting and cat sitting in Bath, England. House sitting jobs and pet sitting jobs are jobs and as a professional, I need to be prepared for when things change and unexpected and unfortunate things happen. I enjoy being part of a group of house sitters international and long-term house sitting jobs. Most of my time I am house sitting in Europe but have had assignments in other places. I become a pet sitter so I can travel anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a house sitter contact me here. Pet care I have done includes the following: being a dog walker, cat sitting, bird sitting, and more. I also have experience in giving medications to animals, including daily insulin injections.

If you are wanting more information on becoming a pet sitter contact me here and we can talk about how you can get started.

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