Homeowners Peace of Mind

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Homeowner’s Peace of Mind

As a homeowner and someone that loves your pets, you want them to be happy and loved. Especially when you are gone on vacation. Keeping your pets in their home with their regular routine is best for your fur babies.

Dog Sitting-In-the-Canary-Islands
Dog sitting in the Canary Islands

Homeowners need a pay a potentially high fee to place their loved fur babies in a kennel. This causes stress and anxiety for most pets. Many pets do not like the disruption to their routine, going to a strange place with strangers hopefully taking good care of them, and usually being locked in a cage for the majority of the day. This care is not as good as having a pet sitter in the comfort of the pet’s home. You love your pets and want them to get lots of love and care while you are away. You also don’t want just anyone in your home and you may not want them to invite their friends or family.

Cat Sitting in England

Professional house carers will cat watch, dog watch, and include other pet services keeping everything consistent in your home. These things include giving medications (oral and injections), grooming, and potentially some pet training. Free house sitters are not always professional. I’ve heard some stories of a home being a disaster when the family has come home. Additionally, I have heard of pets not being cared for, items missing from the home, and several last-minute cancelations. These situations are not good for you nor your pets.

Additionally, most homeowners’ insurance companies require someone must be in the home every two days for the insurance to cover anything that may happen in their absence. You pay a lot of money in house insurance and would not want it to be void because no one has been in your home for a couple of days or a week. Having someone in the home also adds additional security by reducing the chances of someone trying to break in.

Dog Sitting in Basingstoke

Some house and pet sitters responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Walk dogs
  • Brush pets
  • Feed pets
  • Give any medications
  • Play with pets
  • Take pets to any appointments (groomer, vet, etc.)
  • Clean up after pets (pick up poop and clean litter boxes, etc.)
  • Keep pets on their regular schedule
  • Answer phone calls
  • Be home to accept deliveries
  • Check mail
  • Water the plants
  • Take out the trash, recycling, compost, ect.
  • Cut the grass or shovel snow from the sidewalks and driveway
  • Keep the home clean at all times
  • Clean home top – to bottom for the return of the homeowner
  • Wash all laundry and make all beds when leaving

All of these things would cost you a lot of money for someone to do on a regular basis. What is it worth to you to have your fur babies happy and comfortable in your secured home?

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