FAQ – How can you and the homeowner trust each other?

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How does the homeowner know that you’re trustworthy and how do you not know that you’re not getting into an awkward situation? For example, the house sitting and pet sitting that you have agreed to do isn’t exactly what you agreed with.

This is a very good question because there is no guarantee that the person is telling the exact truth about the pets and housesit. However, most people are honest and as a pet sitter, you want to be a trusted house sitter. The first thing you need to do is Learn How House Sitting Works. All house and pet sitting starts with either a referral, recommendation, or house sitter profile online.


Getting and Giving Important Information


Having a great online profile and references is imperative. You want to give the homeowners as much information as you can about yourself s a person and as a pet sitter. Let them know what you do for work, what you like to do in your spare time, how many house-sitting assignments have you had before. Tell them about your dog sitting experience and cat sitting involvement you have had in the past. Have you had to give special treatments or medications during your previous pet care?

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As a house and pet sitter, if it is not a family or person that has been referred to me, I want to read as much as I can about them and their pets. What does their profile say about them? Have they had sitters before and what comments have the sitters left about them? How much information have they given about their pets and what are the expectations they have? As a professional pet sitter, I had a cat sit one time with four cats. Three were on various medications that needed to be given twice a day and one needed insulin injections at 6 am and 6 pm. The homeowners were very clear on what the cats needed t make sure they had the right person caring for their cats while they were on vacation.



The Meeting


If this assignment is something that you and the homeowner are interested in moving forward with then the next step is meeting each other. If you can meet face-to-face, it is the best thing to do. However, if it is an international house-sitting assignment, then an in-person meeting is not going to happen. You will need to arrange a meeting via Skype, Facebook, or any other video calling system you use. You need to have at least one video call meeting. You can then talk more and see more of each others’ personalities. You can ask for a short tour of the home and see the pets on video. This helps immensely to see if you or they are going to be a fit. Remember, just as they are interviewing you to see if you are the best person to take care of their home and pet care. You are also interviewing them to see if you can and are willing to do what is expected and if you have the ability and comfort to care for their animals and their home. This is a great way to also build some rapport with each other.





You want to have great references from past house sits for the homeowner to see. You may also be able to view comments and references from past house sitters before you. Have there been any issues on either end or has there been a lot of praise?

Additionally, I have a criminal record check done so homeowners can view it if they are still unsure. It proves that I have no criminal record and have never been charged with anything. This additional piece of information could make the difference between a homeowner picking you or picking someone else. It just gives a little more peace of mind for the homeowner. Remember, you are doing in-home pet sitting with all their possessions and valuables. These are their personal items and many of the things may have sentimental value and can not be replaced. Additionally, you are taking care of and responsible for their pets. They want the right person there to love them, make them happy, and above all, keep them safe.


I have completed about 17 and will be writing more about all of them. House sitting and pet sitting has brought me to England, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain. You can read more about me here. House sitting has not only brought me to many great countries, cities, and countryside villages, I have also met some amazing people along the way.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter and pet sitter, check out my resources pages to see what services and companies I use. You can also see my books and courses.

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