Dog Sitting in Kenley, England

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When I started house and pet sitting I would go to almost any location. I’m still open to most places, but I am a little pickier now. There are specific cities and countries that I want to go to so, they now have priority over others. Also depending on how many housesits I’m doing will be a determining factor. If I’m doing a lot in a short time, I don’t mind ones that out of the city centers and sometimes in the country. However, if I’m scheduled to do several, then I want to be in the city because I’m very social and don’t like to be alone for too long.


The Town Of Kenley England


Where is Kenley? I didn’t know anything about the place before going there to dog sit. My third house sit was in a town named Kenley. It is an area in the south greater London Borough of Croydon in the Surry Hills. It also borders the towns of Caterham, Coulsdon, Purley, Riddlesdown, and Whyteleafe. Most of the town is within the “Metropolitan Green Belt” of London, which makes it very nice for several dog walking areas.

Located 21 km (13 miles) from Charing Cross station and with several daily trains, it is easy to get into London city center. Getting from Kenley to London Bridge takes about 40 minutes and from Kenley to East Croydon about 15 minutes. Several people make the short commute to visit the Surry Hills Gliding Club for an exciting gliding experience.



Facts about Kenley, UK


Here are a few facts about Kenley. I knew nothing about this town before I went to dog sit. While I was there dog sitting two dogs, I learned the following:

  • The railway opened Kenley Station on August 4th, 1856
  • In 1870, All Saints’ Church (a Grade II listed building) was built
  • Kenley Memorial Hall, a landmark building, opened in 1922 to honor the lost lives in World War I
  • The (RAF) Royal Airforce (Station) Kenley was a strategic airfield base in the ‘Battle of Britain’ and was one of the main fighter stations responsible for London’s air defense in WWII – Biggin Hill and Croydon were the other two.

I took the dogs on many walks in and around the old RAF base. I learned a lot about it from the locals and information boards.

In 1959 the base officially closed; however, it is still used for some training exercises.

Two movies have been filmed at the aerodrome – Reach for the Sky (1956) and Angels One Five (1952)


The Wild Animals


People often ask me “what is the strangest thing that has happened while you have been house sitting or pet sitting?” I am very lucky to not have anything bad happen. While I was at this house the homeowners asked me to feed the Pigeons every evening. All I had to do was make sure the dogs were inside and throw some bird feed out on the back patio area. Not something that I think we should do, but not that big of a deal. As they continued to show me around and go through the routine of things, they also asked me to put half a can of food out every night in the back corner of the yard for the fox. I don’t think we should be feeding any wild animals ever. I have heard of some very bad experiences from homeowners and other pet sitters, so I’m lucky that this was the worst up until that point in time. There was another one (completely different) just recently, but you are going to have to wait until I write about that specific one in the future.



Overall A Nice Dog Sitting Experience


I was in Kenley for a week dog sitting two great dogs. Although there is not a lot of things to do in the town, it was very interesting to learn about the importance of the town and its history. I would not have learned about it if I was not there house sitting. That’s another reason why I house sit and pet sit, it brings me to many places I would not otherwise travel to. I get to learn a lot and meet all kinds of people and wonderful pets.





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