Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting in Bath England

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Dog Sitting in Bath England

Bath England

My first time home and pet sitting I was in Bath, England. Well, when I think about it, it wasn’t the first time I was looking after someone’s house and pets. I had done it before but because it was for friends and I knew their animals I didn’t think of it as house and pet sitting. I just thought of it as helping some friends. However, these times helping friends, have also helped me to get house sitting assignments. Bath, England was the first place I did house and pet sitting for people I have never met in person before.


Getting To Bath, England

House sitting in Bath England

After a long flight from Western Canada to London then a long train ride, I finally made it to Bath, England. I have found over time that for me it is cheapest to fly to London, England first. I then book a separate flight to my final destination. Europe has many low-cost carriers, such as Veuling, to get to thousands of cities throughout the continent.

I arrived the night before sit and stayed at a small hotel a few blocks from the house I was going to be house and pet sitting at. The homeowner wanted me to arrive about an hour before they left so I could not take any risks with arriving on a flight that same day. Flights are delayed or canceled everywhere, as I have learned over time, so are a lot of trains in England. I have found and to have the best deals when I need a place for one night.


Pet Sitting

Puppy Sitting

My first pet sitting assignment included cat sitting and dog sitting. The couple had one very energetic Border Collie dog and one independent somewhat shy cat for me to take care of. I was informed that the cat will probably wake me up in the morning to eat because she gets hungry early, around 5 am. However, this never happened to me. I have found it interesting over time that many animals know how to “train their owners” to get want they want when they want it. The daily routine with them was very simple.

I would put the dog out in the morning while getting the food ready for both the cat and dog. The cat had a special place on a corner counter to eat, so the dog would not eat her food. After the dog was done eating, I would take him for a walk for about an hour or hour and a half. There was an upstairs window that was left slightly open, so I didn’t have to worry about the cat coming in or out.

The evening was almost the exact same routine. I would go dog walking for about an hour before it got dark outside and come back and feed both the cat and dog again. I was there in late September / early October, so the evening walks and feeding were done early. This left me with a lot of time to work and check out what was going on in this beautiful city.

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The City of Bath

Cat Sitting

I knew nothing about the city of Bath before I arrived there to house sit. I was very surprised by the number of things to do. The first thing I did, which I do in all new cities, I go on a free walking tour. It is a great way to get to know details and information about the city, where various things are, and what to do and see. You can then make mental notes (or put them in your phone) of where you want to go back to and spend more time. Bath, a UNESCO world heritage site, was founded by the Romans in the first century AD. They used the natural hot springs as a thermal spa.

I was in Bath for ten days house and pet sitting so I had plenty of time to visit some of Bath’s main attractions including several museums, the Bath Abby, the Royal Crescent, Pump Room, and a few bars. Jane Austen, a famous English Novelist, lived in Bath in the early 19th century. The city has a museum dedicated to her and her works.

One of my favorite days was an afternoon spent and the Thermae Spa. My favorite night was completely unplanned. I went out to get a bite to eat and went to a very small pub. I sat at the bar and eventually started having a conversation with a woman sitting next to me. It turned out she was also from Canada and had been living in Bath for over ten years. She brought me to several cool bars and underground clubs that night. I would have never known about those places without meeting her. It was all just by chance.


House Sitting and Pet Sitting Trips

House sitting in Bath England

As I stated this was my first house sit. I have completed about 17 since then and will be writing more about all of them. House sitting and pet sitting has brought me to England, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, and Spain. You can read more about me here. House sitting has not only brought me to many great countries, cities, and countryside villages, I have also met some amazing people along the way.

If you are interested in becoming a house sitter and pet sitter, check out my resources pages to see what services and companies I use. You can also see my books and courses.


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