Do House And Pet Sitters Get Paid?

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The answer is it depends. Some people get paid very well to house and pet sit while others are willing to do it for free. Professional house sitters charge money for their services and most people see it as an exchange for free accommodations in a city or area they would like to visit.

There are several websites available for house and pet sitting exchanges and some will ask if you charge or not. Some people will charge around $50/day to house and pet sit. If you’re designing your own website and wanting to become a professional, you may want to charge. That’s up to you.


Responsibilities With House and Pet Sitting

It does vary on the amount of work that is expected of you. House and pet sitting is not a free vacation. There are still many responsibilities that you have. Keeping the home clean and making sure it is spotless before the homeowner gets back. Getting the mail, being in at specific times. Feeding the pets on their schedule, taking them out for walks on their schedule, grooming and just spending time with them. Some homeowners don’t want the pets to be left for more than 6 hours a day. I have seen ones for less time than that. It’s hard to get a lot of sightseeing and experiences if can only be gone for 3 – 6 hours a day.

Some also want the pool to be cleaned, plants watered, gardening done, lawn mowed, etc. I have also seen owners wanting the sitter to manage their BnB or guest house, help with painting, and other ‘fixes’. To me those are work and a person should be paid for them. I will not accept those types of sits in exchange for accommodations.

Some homeowners will give cash ‘tips’ after. I have been given cash, grocery store gift cards, bottles of wine, transit/metro cards, and use of a vehicle while I have been sitting.

Every house sit is different and if you decide you want to charge, you must let the homeowner know immediately.

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