FAQ – Can House Sitters Invite Family Or Friends With Them?

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In this week’s FAQ, I get asked often if I can invite friends or family members with me when I’m house sitting somewhere?

The short answer: No

The long answer:


Generally, the answer to this question is no. You can’t be inviting whoever you want to come house sit while you are staying in someone else’s home. With that being said, if you talk to the homeowner and say that you would like to invite somebody to come with you for the entire time or part of the time, they may say that it is fine. For example, if you’re planning to go in the summertime and you have a good friend that wants to go with you or if it’s Christmas time and you have a family member or two that want to come to visit and stay there, the homeowner may be okay with that as well.

I was talking with a family about house sitting over Christmas a couple of years ago and they said to me that if I wanted to invite some family or friends to come to visit over the holidays they were fine with it. I didn’t ask them, they told me they would be fine with it if I wanted as it was Christmas time. Every house sit is different and the size of the home may be part of the reason for allowing only one or two people to stay in it. Therefore, it is something that has to be discussed with the homeowners. You can’t just go and invite people to come and stay at somebody else’s home when the homeowner is unaware of it.



Puppy-SittingThere are owners that do accept couples (or friends) and families. Some are specifically looking for more than one person to be at their home and pet sit. I have looked at some pet sitting opportunities and they really preferred, some specifically requested having a couple or 2 people in their house because they had 2 or 3 larger dogs or in other cases because of how long the house sit is.


Additionally, there are some homeowners that look for families to pet sit for them. They are a family of 3 – 6 people and they are going away on holiday. Because they have a home with several bedrooms and the pets are used to having a lot of people around, they look for families to come house sit for them.

On a side note, I also know of some people that bring their own pets with them when they go house sit. Now, these are very rare situations that this works, but it does occasionally happen. Some house sitting does not involve pets, so if the owner is ok with a pet being in the home it can work. Usually, what will happen when someone has a pet of their own and they want to go house sitting, they will find a pet sitter for their own animals while they sit for someone else.

You really need to talk with the homeowners and see if they are ok with you having other people in the house at any time. Don’t think that you can have people stay and not get caught. They do have neighbors, friends, and you may have a situation where there is an unexpectedly early return of the homeowners.



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