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Dog Sitting a Rottweiler in Scotland
Dog Sitting a Rottweiler in Scotland

My books and course about how I travel the world without paying for accommodations. I’m working on making this page better for you. In the meantime, you can find my books on House and Pet Sitting here.

The House Sitters Tool Kit is complete with Agreements, Checklists, and Questionnaires.

Before applying for any house-sitting agreements, you must make sure that the house sit fits your personality and your budget. If you are a very social person you shouldn’t accept a house it for a month in the country where the nearest neighbor is 45-minutes away. If you are nervous around large dogs or have allergies to cats, you should not accept house sits with these types of animals. Keep in mind that there still are expenses and responsibilities that need to be taken care of. House sits are not free vacations. This book is complete with agreements, checklists, and questionnaires for you to decide if a specific house sit is right for you.

Get The House Sitters Tool Kit for House Sitting HERE.