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Dog Sitting in Basingstoke, England
Dog Sitting in Basingstoke, England

The interview process can, at first, seem a little uncomfortable for every new house sitter. Just remember they are looking for the best fit for their pets and you will be staying in their home if they select you. You will notice that some people post a lot of information in their request for a house sitter and others give just some basic information. Most homeowners like to set up an interview or ‘meeting’ via Skype so you can also see each other. So, depending on the information you have received, here is a list of questions you may want to ask the homeowner about the house and the pets. If you are not sure how house sitting works, read my article here. You also need to decide if pet sitting is right for you.

Interview Tips:

  • Be on time, confident, presentable, and show consideration.
  • Find ways to demonstrate your skills and show how they match the homeowner’s requirements.
  • Don’t spend too much time answering a question. Balance listening and speaking time.
  • Be a resource provider and a problem solver, a house sitter is not somebody just looking for free accommodation.
  • Consider homeowner’s concerns about having a house sitter (pet care, respecting and protecting the home, being able to deal with issues).
  • Always follow up with a thank-you note even if you’re not picked.


About the Pets:

Tell me/us about each of your pets?

What are their names?

Is it possible to see them (if on a video call) or can you show me pictures?

For dogs and cats, what size and breed are they?

Are there any aggression issues?

Can they be around other animals or people?

How is their health?

Are they on a special diet?

Do they need any treatments, medications or daily vitamins?

Do they have special requirements or needs?

What is the usual daily routine?

How long can they be left alone for?

Are there any other animals that need to be taken care of or fed?


General House Sitter Questions:

Have you had a house sitter before?

If so, how was your experience?

If so, is there something the house sitter did or didn’t do that you liked or disliked?

Are there any other responsibilities for me? (mail, cutting grass, watering plants, etc.)

Is there public transportation, or are you leaving a vehicle, or do I need to rent a car?

Am I required to pay for anything (electric, power, heating, internet, etc.)?

If Chosen, what day and approximate time would you like me to arrive and leave?


Questions to ask yourself:

Am I comfortable with taking care of the house and pet requirements?

Will I enjoy the location and the amount of time I will be there?

Are these the kinds of people and the types of pets I would like to sit for?


To have the best house sitting experience, avoid unexpected surprises by asking lots of questions and having open communication.

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