How old do you have to be to become a house sitter and pet sitter?

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The short answer: The age of a house and pet sitter does not matter.

The long answer:

There is truly no definitive answer to that. There is no specific age requirement.  It really depends mostly on your experience and your maturity level.  There are lots of pet sitters that are in their twenties and there are numerous pet sitters that now retired in there in their 60s. What it really comes down to is the report that you build up with the homeowner and your experience with the type of pets.

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Gain Experience

To gain experience you can start out by taking care of pets for your friends and family. Then you can apply for house sits within the city or country that you live in or want to visit, or perhaps internationally if that’s what you’re looking for. I had been pet sitting for about a year when I decided to take on the responsibility of sitting four needy cats. They were all on various foods and three of them needed between 1 and 3 pills twice a day, with one not getting any pills on Tuesday. The homeowners had a specific schedule for the pills. That home also had a cat that required insulin injections twice a day. One at 6 am and one at 6 pm. It was a lot of responsibility; however, I now have a lot of experience in giving pills and insulin injections.



Age Varies On Lifestyle

Some people get involved in pet sitting and house sitting as a way to travel once or twice a year because they may be working full-time jobs. Others might be on a gap year they’re just finishing University and want to travel before they get into the workforce.

Additionally, some others are traveling with their families and they have kids. Their only time to travel is when their kids are on their summer or other holidays from school. They’ll go house and pets it in another part of the country or a different country and then be back home for when the kids go back to school.

There are also other people that are retired and want to spend either the cold winters in a nice warm country or they want to spend the majority of their time traveling around the world now because they have a lot of time to do so.

Now there are a lot of digital nomads, like me. Depending on how much travel I want to do and how long the house sits are, determines my year. I had a year I didn’t want to travel much, so I only had one house sit. This year I will have my 7th house sit done by the middle of August.

Therefore, when asked about age, it really doesn’t matter. People of different ages have different reasons for wanting to travel and the availability of time. Some homeowners don’t want young people, others don’t want older people. What does matter is maturity, experience, and the report that you build with the homeowner. This repour begins with designing a great profile, knowing if this is the right pet sit for you, and asking the best homeowner interview question.



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